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Stacey Bright, VP of Marketing, Fleet One, LLC

I have been looking for a marketing task system for years that could accommodate the unique needs of a marketing department. The hardest feature to find was the ability to create Supporting Requests, meaning that an overall project can be assigned to a person who then has the ability to assign individual tasks to people in order to complete the project. And that is just one of the many features that CommitKeeper offers. It provides an audit trail to keep track of commitments and the opportunity to manage budgets… It is very easy to use… managers submit commitments to us through CommitKeeper instead of sending an email.

Dick Garn, Partner at National Golf Outing

Organizations that live in the sunshine will love this program. Effective people want to know exactly what is being asked of them. Productivity soars when a simple task “hand off” system is instituted in any organization! That is what CommitKeeper does. If you like to live in the “fog” or have a bad case of “convenient memory” you will not want to use CommitKeeper. I’m also a big fan… because CommitKeeper is not a complex program, but a simple set of tools that allows hand off and follow up of clear and concise tasks… it’s easy to use and expands communication.

Reviewers say…

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Deborah Barber, Founder, D. Barber Consulting & Associates; Principal, Jackson Hole Group

CommitKeeper is a wonderful work management application that can, I believe, improve results, communication and productivity. This is an email-like tool for negotiating and tracking explicit commitments that can drive improved execution. It combines task and relationship management to encourage better collaboration… helping people do what they say they will do. I am intrigued about using a tool like this where everyone is very clear about what they have committed to, and then being able to track these commitments.

Bill Kutik, Veteran HR industry analyst, as reported in Human Resource Executive Online magazine.

The [4Spires] “commitment-based work management” product seems devilishly effective… within the system, a manager (the requester) sends a message to a subordinate [Ed.: or supervisor or colleague or vendor, etc.], requesting work (including details) and a desired due date. Those requests are delivered as regular email so it works like a social network in that regard. A negotiation takes place among all the parties over the details until the “performer” of the work clicks the “Agree” button… Meanwhile, an underlying workflow system tracks just about everything: all comments by all parties involved in the request, the dates of who did what when, progress status, the agreements and commit­ments… Since everybody works for someone and many have people working for them, users can see all the commitments they have made to others and all commit­ments others have made to them. Commitments are tracked by requester, performer, due date, status and by project. Dashboards show work in progress, project overviews, the status lights and performance by person… And at the end of the year, yes, there is performance management: a year-long record of exactly what everyone has done, complete with graphical displays for various metrics, including on-time delivery… executives and managers get incredible new transparency into what their people are actually doing, without personally having to ask, meddle or verify. It’s all just there, including a hierarchy of dependent requests to see how your request has been delegated down or around.

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