4Spires’ Fleet One Case Study wins
2013 WfMC global award

HALF MOON BAY, CA (July 1, 2013) — 4Spires, a leading-edge Social Task Management provider offering the innovative CommitKeeper SaaS business execution software that improves accountability, coordination, engagement, and visibility, announced that it has been selected by the Workflow Management Coalition as the 2013 Award winner for Excellence in Case Management – Knowledge Worker Innovation.

4Spires offers web software for business that improves execution and productivity. The company’s team-based, easy-to-deploy and use solutions combine elegant simplicity with powerful oversight to improve coordination, accountability, engagement, and visibility.

CommitKeeper™ helps users make and keep work commitments by supporting the progress of an agreement-to-perform from negotiation through to completion. The 4Spires product supports any collaborative effort-managing projects, cases, events, campaigns; service/­resolver/escalation roles; call centers; sales development; as well as departmental performance management.

Stacey Bright, director of marketing at Fleet One, a WEX Inc. subsidiary, said, “Our marketing department is typically managing about 50 different projects simultaneously to help our associates reach the fleet markets we serve. We are continually seeking ways to improve collaboration, and the CommitKeeper software has enhanced our department’s coordination, efficiency, visibility, and governance over activities. The product is easy to use and the vendor, 4Spires, has already implemented several new features customized for our needs.”

Winning Presentation

The Case Study

Executive Summary / Abstract

Fleet One is a mid-sized company that provides fuel cards and other financial services to private and governmental organizations with fleets of vehicles. The nine-person marketing department was struggling with managing their workload. They receive numerous requests from company management and colleagues in other departments for preparing marketing collateral, advertisements, exhibits at trade shows, marketing programs, etc. On an ongoing basis the department is typically working on 40 or 50 requests at a time. Each request can be characterized as a “case” that requires coordinated and collaborative work from several knowledge workers in the department on a strict delivery deadline. For example, a relatively simple piece of promotional collateral requires interactive input and participation from copy-writer, layout, production, and distribution staff who must also collaborate with subject matter experts, product managers, corporate attorneys, account- ants, and management reviewers. Each individual’s obligations to complete the project must be tracked on a strict deadline. Each knowledge worker in the department is working on multiple requests at a time on various schedules; and so oversight of the whole workload, both by person and across the department, is critical to managing personal and departmental resources. Flexibility is key; individual obligations are initially mapped out in the context of the final delivery, but it rarely turns out exactly according to plan. A high degree of communication and collaboration among the team is needed to juggle changing schedules across multiple projects.

In October 2012, Fleet One installed an innovative knowledge worker system that enabled the department to improve their coordination, efficiency, visibility, and governance over the activities in the department. Over the first four months the group handled over 250 requests with the new system. The system is producing a new class of granular performance data that is providing new insights into individual and group performance.

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