What Inspires Us

4Spires is pioneering a next-generation approach to teamwork and collaboration. All collaborative initiatives, accomplishing individual tasks or achieving big goals, involve someone making a request of someone else to get something done. We believe we can dramatically improve execution by elevating the quality of the “conversation” that follows that request. Like cells in your body, how well these individual conversations are functioning (i.e., how well they are formed, guided, tracked, and evaluated) determines the organization’s performance.

Work conversations are often flawed and incomplete. Answers to the questions—who will do what by when—are unclear. Requests are poorly formed, tasks are assigned without obtaining agreements from performers, deliveries are made haphazardly, and immediate feedback to the performer is rare. The result is inefficiency, missed deadlines, project failures, and low trust. We offer solutions that boost performance by reinforcing a complete, closed-loop conversation in which two parties take action together.

In particular, we seek to reinforce the practices and behaviors for making and keeping commitments. Our central belief is that a rigorous application of this simple principle can transform work-related communication and dramatically improve personal and organization performance.


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