What Inspires Us

Helping people make and keep their work commitments.

Taking collaboration to the next level—two people (a requester and a performer) engage in a complete, closed-loop conversation that delivers results.

Bringing a fresh approach to managing accountability.

Improving work group performance with next-generation social technology.



What We Do

4Spires offers web software for business that improves execution and productivity. Our team-based, easy-to-deploy and use solutions combine elegant simplicity with powerful oversight to improve coordination, accountability, engagement, and visibility.

CommitKeeper™ helps users make and keep work commitments by supporting the progress of an agreement-to-perform from negotiation through to completion. Our products support any collaborative effort—managing projects, cases, events, campaigns; service/resolver/escalation roles; call centers; sales development; as well as departmental performance management.



Communications and Performance Theory white papers and product sheets.

ChangingTheWayWeWork Changing the Way We Work
Propelled by technology advances and the social network phenomenon, companies are approaching a step-up in the evolution of work practices rivaling the advent of email 30 years ago.
ManagingByCommitments Managing by Commitments
There is one simple practice your organization can change that will dramatically improve execution: making and keeping commitments. This document describes an easy-to-implement process cycle that can make a difference.
CK_stamp CommitKeeper Product Sheet
CommitKeeper is an easy-to-use, team-based, social task management solution that increases accountability while improving execution by clearly defining commitments of who will do what by when.


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