4 Spires, Inc. (www.4spires.com) is a leading provider of web-based applications built on the principles of commitment based management.  This blog is devoted to exploring and promoting the practices and behaviors that help people make and keep their commitments.  I have been designing business work flow and human capital management applications for more than two decades, and I am credited with creating the first-ever electronic workforce during my eight-year career at Apple Computer in the 1980’s. I founded and led my prior company, NOAH Software, for 10 years during which time we developed and successfully marketed numerous cutting-edge applications for the Fortune 500. From 2002 to 2007 I lived in Norway and spent considerable time working as a management consultant in Dublin, Ireland. I have authored several industry journal articles and been a frequent conference presenter. My wife and I, and our 4 children, live in Half Moon Bay, California. My email address is arella@4spires.com.