4Spires Welcomes New Customer – National Golf Outing

 4Spires is pleased to welcome National Golf Outing as our newest customer to CommitKeeper on Salesforce.  Headquartered in Coldwater, Michigan, National Golf Outing (NGO) sets up and runs golf tournaments throughout the Michigan and Indiana area, with plans to go nationwide.  Each golf tournament is sponsored by a different public or private organization.  NGO was developed by the same team that created, owned and operated the world’s largest grass roots golf tournament, The Oldsmobile Scramble, which for almost 20 years averaged over 2,000 events with100,000 participants.

Each golfing event that NGO runs requires the smooth operation of hundreds of tasks.  Managing and coordinating all of these overlapping activities is the key challenge faced by the company.  NGO evaluated several task and project management solutions, and in the end they chose 4 Spires’ CommitKeeper on the Salesforce platform.

NGO’s Senior Partner, Dick Garn, has been managing people for over 30 years.  Over time he has noticed a simple way to describe why breakdowns occur in execution.  As he says “Employees oftentimes live in the fog – being not quite clear on what they are being held accountable.  On the other hand, managers like to have selective memory – forgetting the risks their team alerted them to and the changes in priority they directed along the way.”  One of the features Dick especially likes is CommitKeeper’s audit trail that captures the dialog thread from agreement-through-delivery for each task.

CommitKeeper enables the entire NGO team to coordinate their overlapping and interdependent tasks in one integrated tool.  Responsibility and ownership for each task is clear, accountability is visible.  Dashboards enable everyone to see the status of each other’s deliveries across all the upcoming events.  It is a powerful system that is quick-to-learn and easy-to-use.

Working with NGO has provided the 4Spires team with great feedback.  Thanks to the flexibility of the Salesforce SaaS platform, important new features and product enhancements recommended by NGO are already available in the enhanced Salesforce version of CommitKeeper.

We thank NGO for their trust in us and look forward to building a strong relationship going forward.

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