4Spires Brands New Image


4Spires (www.4spires.com), the leader in business execution SaaS solutions, has developed a new and exciting image that embodies and brands the spirit of our company, business philosophy, and products.

The essence revolves around the firm’s belief that all actions, all executions, all commerce is achieved in some fashion through a ‘conversation’ between a requester-customer and a performer-provider.  At an elemental-core level, all organizations can be seen as simply an interrelated, fluid network of person-to-person conversations and interactions.

To be most effective as well as for the organization and individuals to receive the greatest benefit, each of these interactions needs to involve a simple four-stage pattern.

  • The cycle begins with a solid foundation (Blue).  One person begins the conversation with a clear description of their needs and expectations; they make a request.  They INSPIRE the conversation.
  • In the second stage, the other person (i.e. the performer-provider) responds with their abilities  and constraints and the two parties make an explicit agreement to deliver (Green).  They CONSPIRE.
  • In the third stage, the performer does the work and delivers what has been promised (Silver).  Figuratively, the performer PERSPIRES.
  • The fourth stage is completed when the requester receives and assesses the deliverable; they ‘crown’ the whole interaction with a close-out comment of satisfaction and appreciation (Gold).  Both parties ASPIRE to have satisfied the original needs.

The pattern is repeated over and over, request – agree – deliver – assess.

Completion of one task-related cycle spawns the next.  Requests become more precise.  Accountability within the organization, for the individual and resultant deliverable is clear.  Results are acknowledged with increased organizational and team cohesiveness.  Feedback is provided on each delivery which fosters heightened business process efficiencies and personal recognition.

This is a virtuous cycle for improving performance in any organization.  It improves execution; it also boosts trust and builds better relationships between individuals, within departments, across the organization and even with customers.

This logo will be associated with our line of “CommitKeeper” products, each one of which is designed to facilitate the creation and support for this beneficial four-stage cycle.  We think the application of this simple idea can dramatically improve personal and organization performance.

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