4Spires Welcomes New Customer – Fleet One

4Spires is happy to kick off the New Year by welcoming our newest customer – Fleet One.

Fleet One® provides fuel cards and fleet-related payment solutions to businesses and government agencies with vehicles. The firm offers fuel and maintenance purchasing controls, detailed reporting, online account management, and other cost-saving services.  Our CommitKeeper solution was acquired for use by Fleet One’s marketing department.

Business Situation

As with most marketing departments, Fleet One needed to handle many projects simultaneously, and each one demanded close coordination of many participants (e.g. art, copy, procurement, production, etc.) against tight deadlines.  Multiple people and groups are often involved in each project.  It was not uncommon for the department to be working on 150 tasks, but only 50 projects.  In addition, Fleet One’s Vice President, Marketing, Stacey Bright, identified two specific challenges; they needed a solution that could easily link main projects to supporting tasks and one which provided an easy-to-read, understand, and manage project summary that showed the status of any individual task at any time.  Prior to CommitKeeper, Fleet One had used Microsoft Outlook’s task system, but this product does not permit supporting tasks, making it hard to effectively manage and review the status of each project, every deliverable, and each employee’s status.  Without a proper work management solution, managing all 150 tasks in Outlook was untenable.   Stacey had been looking for a solution for a long time.  Work and project management solutions were too cumbersome and task tools were not robust enough.


Once the marketing group began using Salesforce, Stacey was delighted to find 4Spires‘ Salesforce version of our CommitKeeper product on the AppExchange.  Marketing now has the ability to assign secondary tasks within a commitment.  They have completed 200 plus commitments in less than three months across 59 active projects.  Stacey can tell at a glance where each project stands – negotiation, in progress, delivered, accepted, canceled or declined –  along with a complete audit trail.  The department now has the ability to understand where its time and efforts are being utilized.  The group-individual making the request is identified and the associated budgeted hours are captured.

By using CommitKeeper’s Observer feature, the Marketing VP is able to provide executive management with a simple summary dashboard to review and update every project.  Requests for new projects from other departments are entered in CommitKeeper so the marketing department can negotiate clear delivery agreements.  The Marketing VP is now managing down, up, and across the organisation with one integrated tool.  CommitKeeper has improved oversight, coordination, and business processes within Stacey’s team and across the company.

Stacey summed it up this way: “CommitKeeper is a fantastic solution.  It is very easy to use which equates to getting people to accept the solution; the team has already ‘committed’ to the program 100%.  The 4Spires team is top notch and really made the decision to use the solution an easy proposition.  They have been extremely supportive from day 1 and continue to work with my team. This is a great company and Fleet One looks forward to their long-term success.”

Thanks, Stacey, welcome to the group.


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